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Rukn al-Din Ibrahim (AH 695; 1296 AD)

 When Jalal-ud-din Khalji was killed by his son-in-law Ali Gurshasp, Ali was proclaimed himself Suiltan of  Delhi and took title as Alauddin Khalji. However Dehli was still in the hands of Firuz Shah’s men and Alauddin  hesitated to march on the capital during the rains against Arkali Khan who was an able general and the second son of Jalal. However the queen-mother Malikah-i-Jahan declared her youngest son, Qadr Khan, as Sultan with the title of Rukn-al-din Ibrahim, setting aside the claim of the elder son Arkali Khan who was at Multan. Consequently Arkali Khan became completely alienated from his mother, and his partisans refused to recognize her nominee.  Alauddin Khalji then marched towards Dehli with 'with iron in one hand and gold in the other'. While going to Dehli, he distributed small gold and silver coins among the people in order to get confidence of the people. Large gifts were given to all and sundry to make them forget that Ala-ud-Din killed his own father-in-law

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